Scope of Work

Neuroscience Consulting Incorporated (NCI) provides expert consulting services in all aspects of neuropharmacology, the science dealing with the effects of drugs and toxins on nerve, brain and behavior.

Consultative pharmacology expertise is offered to pharmacists, toxicologists, physicians, psychiatrists, surgeons, psychologists, nurses and other health care providers and to researchers in these areas.

In forensic matters, litigation support in the area of neuropharmacology is provided in civil and criminal cases, to plaintiffs, defendants, law enforcement and insurance agencies and to the Courts.

  • Contracts and Service Agreements for consultative neuropharmacology services are typically made on a case-by-case basis
  • In the first instance, interested parties should contact the NCI office to provide case details and the nature of the specific enquiry
  • Service Agreements and Retainer Agreements are also available upon advance payment, against which research time is invoiced